Company overview

Pasargad Insurance Company offers direct insurance in all lines of life and non-life fields. The company also ┬ب┬بaccepts reinsurance business from local market .Besides Central Insurance of Iran and two other reinsurance companies, only a few direct companies are authorized to accept reinsurance and Pasargad Insurance is one of them. ┬بThe company provides its services all over the country utilizing 75 branches and 2100 general agents and also 4900 individual marketers that only sell life insurance products.

The experienced management team and well educated staff selected to run the company placed Pasargad Insurance Company at the 7th rank amongst 27 direct insurers with total written premium of about USD 239,000,000*, of which 40 percent (more than one million policies) belongs to life insurance; considering the whole market share of life insurance ┬بis around 12 percent.

Pasargad Insurance Company was founded by Pasargad Financial Group (PFG) in 2006 to widen and strengthen the Group presence in the financial services industry.┬بThe company is now offering both life and non-life insurance services competing with 27 other insurance company currently operating in Iran.

Our Strategy and Vision

  • Company’s first priority is quality in order to achieve long term growth together with acceptable profitability. This can be materialized by non-stop observation of the interests of various stakeholders of the company who they are not only the shareholders but the customers, human resources and the whole community.
  • Insurance is a promise for the future and Pasargad Insurance Company is a future based institution and is endeavoring to achieve brilliant business horizons to the best of all stakeholdersظ€آ satisfaction.